I am Irenie.
I am a New Zealander.
I like heaps of things,
spoken word
Jesus, the revolutionary,

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The Online Culture of ‘Niceness’ Doesn’t Extend to the Ladies

This is a response to this article (written by a dude, obviously) that claims that the Internet is getting “nice” all of a sudden.





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Lol nice for white men who circle jerk each other. I’ve had so many try to run me and mines off not just for our gender but out race too. We aren’t allowed to exist and the pure hate and anger we receive shows that

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This goes out to all those Natives out there who had to put up with people throwing those fake war whoops and the open palm greeting that white people love so much. The ones who got called chug or prairie n***er, halfbreed or mongrel. Just another dirty indian. Just a fuckin’ indian….

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Eight of my favorites reflections, mostly shot in 2011. I feel the series was complete around the end of summer, but I keep on shooting those upside down reflections. I just love it.

They’re all untouched, except the 5th one (but it’s still a very light cropping). I shoot it as I frame it, cropped a lot, they wouldn’t make sense. It’s about seeing the reality the other way round on purpose. It’s not about shooting blind before cropping a lot.

Anyway, it’s fun trying because it’s challenging to frame something upside down while you focus “upside up” - you have to try to see what I mean.

For those who wonder, there’s not much editing in it either, with strong contrast lenses, a bit of saturation, the occasional weirdness of the Leica M8 sensor and you’re good to go.

I post those eight because they work well together. I avoided posting wide and b&w ones for the sake of consistency. May be I’ll post a b&w one soon.

I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I have lots of stuff to post and write about. I was foolish enough to buy a M Monochrom and boy it’s quite a body. Not for everyone, for sure, but quite spectacular, imho. I’ll post a quick hands on and a few pics this week. For those who don’t work this week-end, enjoy. For those who work, like me: courage! :-)

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